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A comprehensive guide to Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome (TDS)

About the testosterone:

Testosterone is the male hormone that plays a major role in the sexual functions of the body. It is the very hormone that is responsible for regulating the libido or the sexual urge in men.

Apart from this major function, it is also important for maintenance of bone mad, fat distribution in the body and the continuous production of the RBCs (Red Blood Corpuscles) and also in the production of sperms.

As a natural function, the testosterone in the body in its natural form gets converted in an estrogen called the Estradiol. As men grey, their testosterone producing capacity also wanes and consequently lesser amount of estradiol is produced.

Effect of low testosterone on the various functions:

The lower production of the hormone can present in the following consequences:

Endocrine system
The pituitary gland in the brain tells the testicles how much testosterone to produce to meet the functions of the body. This is the same hormone which is responsible for the formation of male genitals and at puberty it is also responsible for the deepening of the voice and facial hair and the beard.
Reproductive system:
Even seven weeks after conception and still in the womb, testosterone is produced in male infants and at the time of their teens the level of the hormone peeks and the penis and the testicles grow in size and also it starts secreting sperm every day.
Nervous system:
Many men start to feel inadequate or nervous when it comes to sex. However, many men simply don't have the nerves that signal the body to produce the correct hormones. Products such as Male Enhancement Patches can help improve your erections and sexual performance.

Lower than normal production of this hormone can result in

  • Less confidence level;

  • No motivation

  • Less concentration

  • Immense sense of grief

  • Insomnia

  • Absolute loss of stamina

    Dermatology (skin and hair):

    The changes that happen physically when a boy turns into a man is the actual handiwork of testosterone. When there are lower levels in the body, there may less hair growth in the teen and additionally there may be loss of more hair from his body too.

    The hormone is essential for most of the body functions.
    • It helps in the development of muscles in the body

    • It encourages the growth of newer tissues

    • It aids in the protein synthesis within each cell

    • It helps in the increased production of the growth hormones

    • Muscles are built when the male exercises

    • It is instrumental in the increase in bone density and also the Red Blood Corpuscles in the bone marrow.

    What happens if the testosterone levels are in the border range?

    Men with lower levels of this hormone are prone to quick falls and severe injuries due to the fall;

    The person may put on oodles of weight till he is being administered the hormone and the bad news is that the person will find it very difficult to lose all the weight around him.

    Circulatory system

    The circulatory system allows the hormone to pass from one end to another. Lower levels of the hormone in the body can mar the healthy production of the red blood corpuscles. There is still a lot of research going on in this field and thus the in future we will positively have more information within a few years time.