We are a team of doctors whose aim is to educate:

At our clinic, we believe that the first step towards awareness is education. Our team of doctors will spend quality time in explaining to you the importance of having the right amount of the testosterone in the body to be able to enjoy overall health and peace of mind.

We super specialize in testosterone:

Things done intently and with a view to bring about change is equally important as much as doing the job correctly. Our aim is to address the issues regarding the lower levels of testosterone being produced in the body. The reduced production of the hormone can most definitely cause a lot of negative changes in the body.


Testosterone is highest in the body in the morning when we wake up. so, if the person suspects that he may suffer from low levels of this hormone, he must immediately get his blood test done and more than once because the hormone level in the blood keeps fluctuating.


Testosterone replacement therapy is the most tried and tested way to get back to normal levels of the hormone in the body. There is more than one way to replace testosterone in the body. They are

Testosterone gel that can be rubbed on the arms and shoulder’s skin;

Getting injected with the hormone into the muscle directly;

Wearing a patch which releases the hormone slowly;

Pellets to be placed under the skin

Testosterone oral supplements but they must be taken after exercising caution.

Symptoms that will point that you must visit us:

If you have no sexual urge for a very long period and if you have problems in getting and maintaining an erection, you must immediately seek medical help. When you come to us, you are sure that you are in the right hands.